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Thank you for taking a look at the services I provide.

Please send me an email or give me a call for pricing and current availability. 

Executive and Professional Coaching

Jason will serve as your executive coach and advisor. Jason approaches coaching through strategically challenging and supporting your goals. When appropriate, Jason can also serve as an advisor sharing insights from literature and current trends. Jason brings extensive knowledge of leader and team development. Jason will also be available in between check-in's to provide additional guidance and support. 


Team Training

Jason specializes in team development. Having completed extensive research around what makes teams effective, Jason can identify and develop a training plan for your team to ensure a solid foundation for continued growth and success. Jason also has a large catalog of team-specific trainings he can provide your teams. 



Jason has spoken at a number of conferences and retreats across the globe. Jason can speak virtually or in person. Jason enjoys talking about servant leadership, team effectiveness, creating a strong foundation within your team, accountability, and a variety of other topics. 


Training Program Development

Throughout his career, Jason has had the opportunity to build sustainable leader development programs in a number of different industries. These programs have been developed for new employees, front-line employees, new supervisors, experienced supervisors, and executive teams.  Jason can conduct a needs assessment, build the program, curriculum, and provide a train-the-trainer course to your in-house trainers. Jason can also deliver the training for your leadership team as well. 

Questions? Fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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