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SLI Coaching and Consulting approaches training through three principles:


Serve – Embracing Robert Greenleaf's philosophy, we inquire: "Do those served grow as persons?" Reflecting on this, how can we provide personalized and professional care to those under our guidance?


Lead – What defines a successful leader? The strength of our teams lies in the diverse perspectives each member contributes. How can we cultivate genuine leaders who nurture resilient and cohesive teams?


Inspire – With a workforce encompassing multiple generations, our workplace is evolving. How do we craft experiences that ignite inspiration in the upcoming generation?

Executive and Professional Coaching

Dr. Weber is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach. Dr. Weber will work with your leaders in a confidential manner providing coaching that supports and challenges viewpoints. Dr. Weber also serves as an advisor to clients, if desired.


Coaching can occur 1:1 or in teams. Coaching contracts are offered in 6-month and 12-month increments.


Coaching will occur two-times a month for 50 minutes each session. Sessions can be done in-person, via phone, or via online communications platform (Zoom, Teams, etc.).


Dr. Weber will also work with organizations who desire coaching for new to senior leaders.


How-To Series Training

2-hour training sessions designed to deliver ideas and strategies that can be immediately implemented within your team.


How-To Series tracks can be modified to better align with your organization’s needs, but my most popular programs include:














Dr. Weber enjoys any opportunity to speak with teams and organizations on a variety of team effectiveness, servant leadership, or leader development topics.

Presentations are offered in a variety of formats to ensure learners can take away key points to implement within their teams.


Make sure you check out the About Jason page to see some of Dr. Weber’s recent speaking engagements.


Training Program Development

Do you want to develop your leaders in-house, but are not sure what a leader development program should look like? Dr. Weber has over 12 years’ experience designing leader development programs for staff, front-line managers, senior level leaders, and executives.


Dr. Weber will conduct a needs assessment of your organization and will work collaboratively with your stakeholders to build a leader development program that meets your needs. Dr. Weber can deliver the programs or offer a ‘train-the-trainer’ program for internal staff.


A few programs Dr. Weber has created over the years include:

  • Leader Foundations: A 3-month program for employees interested in becoming a leader.

  • Emerging Leaders: A 6-month program designed for those who are recently promoted.

  • Next-Level Leaders: A 6-month program designed for senior leaders who are being developed to take on higher level roles within their organization.

  • Executive Leader Development: a 9-month program designed for executive leaders.


*While in-person is preferred, each of these programs can be offered remotely as well.

**Dr. Weber can also design programs for specific position groups (Students, Faculty Chairs, Directors, High-Potentials).

Team Effectiveness Track

  1. How-To create a culture of accountability

  2. How-To communicate with clarity

  3. How-To develop and support your team

  4. How-To effectively collaborate

  5. How-To self-evaluate

  6. How-To show appreciation

Leader Development Track

  1. How-To build relationships

  2. How-To make effective decisions

  3. How-To manage conflict

  4. How-To develop your employees

  5. How-To bring a vision to life

  6. How-To manage change

Servant Leadership Track

  1. How-To: Servant Leadership

  2. How-To: Empathy

  3. How-To: Stewardship

  4. How-To: Integrity

  5. How-To: Authenticity

  6. How-To: Listening

Questions? Fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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