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Check out my latest article in Training Industry Magazine!

JUST ANNOUNCED!! I will be speaking at this years Chief Learning Officer Symposium in San Diego, CA Oct 16-18!

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Check out my latest article in Chief Learning Officer Magazine!

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About SLI Coaching and Consulting
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SLI Coaching and Consulting was founded with a commitment to facilitating enhanced team performance in the pursuit of organizational objectives. My professional journey has been marked by a fascination with the intricate dynamics governing effective teamwork, cultivated through my experience in both the public and private sectors. Drawing upon contemporary research and my own experiential insights, I have curated training solutions that are not only pertinent but also capable of yielding immediate and substantial impacts on the teams under my guidance.

I firmly hold the belief that by fostering a culture of deliberate expectation-setting within teams, an organization can significantly elevate its prospects for achieving its predetermined objectives.

To ensure the currency and relevance of my offerings, I maintain a broad curiosity for knowledge acquisition, consistently engaging with the latest literature. Furthermore, I leverage the research conducted during my doctoral program to continually enhance the applicability of my content. In my pursuit of coaching excellence, I have attained certification in Executive and Professional Coaching through the University of Texas - Dallas / International Coaching Federation, earning the credential of Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

I welcome the opportunity to engage in a conversation with you to explore how my expertise can empower your team with a robust framework for achieving peak performance and sustained success.

Wishing you all the best, 

Jason R. Weber, ACC

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